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australians all let us rejoice

We’ve been telling fuckin tourists and Irish people about this and they’re all like ‘wtf what is wrong with your birds’.

Magpies, yes. But also? The f***ing PLUVERS are coming.

I shouldn’t be laughing so hard at this, but I can’t help is. Getting swooped by these fuckers is no joke though.

I’ve been to Australia for a total of six weeks in my entire life. One of these huge bastards came at me when I was walking to a park in Toowoomba. You’re right, these guys are brutal.

This is so true. There are signs everywhere in my town right now warning of the nesting magpies! These things draw blood!!!

#100happydays #catchup #day49 #day50 #day51 #day52 #day53 some cooking, some protein bars, some inspiration, some tea and some motivation!!! I #love that my laptop background is a continually playing slideshow of motivational quotes, gets me out and active when I don’t want to go. I cut my protein bars into pieces and mix them in a container for snacks. I am loving my @herbalife tea. Starting to cook up a storm again. And hello spring and warm temps… I have missed you. #spring #australia #southernhemisphere #cooking #protein #weather #weight #weightloss #warm #motivation #tea


#let’s take a moment or two to talk about this scene #here you can see baby fili #who’s unarmed, outnumbered and half the size of the orcs #thROWING HIMSELF AT THIS MOTHERFUCKER #the most foolish and bravest thing he’s done in the movies #he was gonna fight these assholes on his own #WHILST HIS BROTHER WAS DYING #he knows he has no chance #but he refuses to give up without putting up a fight #becAUSE HE HAS TO PROTECT HIS BROTHER

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